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Recure Healthcare Always Aspires
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About Recure Healthcare

Recure Healthcare is a research-focused organization and its team firmly believes that India’s rich bio-diversity can lead to the discovery of distinct therapeutically effective phytoextracts and phytochemicals. Every product is manufactured and processed in compliance with c-GMP with the optimum facilities. Our utmost attention is towards the client’s specification for a particular product and the company also provides the facilities for the analytical parameters like HPLC, U.V., NMR, Mass Spectroscopy, LC-MS, GC-MS according to the Pharmacopeial standards of B.P., U.S.P., I.P. Keen attention is also given to the important factors like microbial clearance, heavy metals and residual solvents.

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Our Team

The team of Recure Healthcare continuously strives to give value products so that the patient receives the desired pharmacological effect for the particular ailment with maximum safety.

Upcoming Plans

The upcoming plans include the launching of unique formulations constituting combinations of different standardized botanical extracts, nutraceuticals and phytochemicals for multiple human diseases and pathological conditions.


Even client customization for a particular region or country will be researched and provided with stipulated technical specifications.


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